IR-welding innovations

FRIMO has now added two new design sizes to its portfolio of standardized infrared welding systems in the JoinLine IR model series. In addition to the IR-V-ECO-1200 with a maximum clamping surface of 1200 x 600 mm, the range now includes a JoinLine IR-V-ECO-800 (800 x 450 mm.) The ECO 800 can be equipped with up to 24 heating circuits, while the 1200 model can accommodate up to 48 (optionally extendable up to a max. 72 by arrangement.)

Both these models help close the gap between the 500 and 1600 models currently on sale. The modular platform concept allows faster deliveries with unchanged spare parts as well as machines that are economically priced and stand out with high precision and swifter drive systems. The JoinLine IR series of welding machines offers both innovative quick-change tool systems as well as further innovative refinements:

Comparison of parts tolerances

Extrusion blow-molded components in particular, such as gas- or liquid-conducting systems, often show tolerances considerably higher than would otherwise be expected in the injection molding field. Thanks to the FRIMO tolerance compensation system, pipes like this can be precision-welded at a constant welding depth, regardless of the parts involved.

For this purpose, for example, for a 2-part interchangeable tool, the first component (upper and lower part) are brought together until they touch using motorized servo drives with minimal force. The PLC stores the reference point determined in this case. The next step involves the second component also moving to this reference point using the internal tool tolerance compensation system. Accordingly, both components are referenced before the joining process and any possible tolerances between the components are compensated for accordingly.

Quality assurance with IR image processing

To ensure complete documentation, the infrared JoinLine IR series welding machines can be equipped with an innovative, ultra-compact and modular infrared camera system including up to four cameras. As well as its compact footprint, other stand-out features of this system include exceptional ease of use and measurement precision. The IR camera system is used to monitor the required temperature distribution of the components to be joined, post-heating and pre-joining, making it a key part of the overall quality assurance system.

The cameras installed come with 336 x 256 pixels as standard. This equates to over 86,000 temperature measuring points on the component. The resulting resolution, used to detect local temperature variations, is more than sufficient for most applications. One special feature of the FRIMO system is the scope to define as many evaluation ranges and evaluation functions as desired via an easily operated graphical user interface. The intelligent algorithms of the software facilitate secure detection and classification of measured ranges, including by component distortion or expansion tolerances.

Since the purpose-built intelligent cameras handle all the temperature image processing and analysis process as well as image acquisition, this eliminates the need for an additional computer and software. The cameras are directly connected via an Ethernet interface to the PLC of the welding machine.

Pre-selection using FRIMO Plastics Joining Configurator App

To support customer distributor communication and accelerate the configuration and quotation phases, FRIMO has developed a plastics welding app. With the new FRIMO app, it has never been easier or faster to find out which plastics can be welded or riveted together and which methods are optimal for this joining process. Selecting the materials to be joined couldn’t be simpler, while the app also determines all suitable processing methods. The results can also be sent directly via e-mail. The app is available free of charge via the Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store and Apple Store.

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Additional production and sales locations belong to the FRIMO Group, with over 1,200 employees in Europe, Asia, and the Americas as well as numerous international representatives. The FRIMO Group was again distinguished for excellent service. FRIMO has received the SPE Awards, known as the “Oscars of the Plastic Industry”, 18 times already. In 2014, FRIMO was distinguished with the JEC Innovation Award in Atlanta for the cooperation project “Street Shark” ( The work of the FRIMO Group for the plastics processing industries ranges from polyurethane processing, flexible trimming, punching, pressing and forming through to thermoforming, laminating, and edgefolding, as well as joining and gluing. The portfolio also includes system solutions for large-series capable processing of fiber-reinforced plastics (composite technology). For this purpose, FRIMO offers its customers tailored tools, machines, and systems as individual or complete solutions from a single source.

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