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Punching & Milling within the FRIMO Cutting Center

02 / 2016 - The optimal trimming technology must be chosen in accordance with a whole series of factors to be defined, such as component geometry, materials, production environment, process, cycle time required and quality. Punching, milling, water-jet and blade cutting are used depending on the product and the type of cut required. For complex applications, such as trimming instrument panels, a combination of several procedures is the best solution.

By interlinking punching and milling operations with a flexible cutting center the advantages of both cutting processes are combined in one production system. For punching, these include the high level of productivity and automation and the precision and repeatability of the process. With milling, the component can be machined on both sides and modifications to the cutting line/angle can be made at any time.

Once trimming masters and milling simulations have been set up, the Cutting Center is ready for a wide range of punching and milling operations. The system layouts depend on the application. Assembly and removal can be carried out fully automatically by handling robots. The punching operation is carried out in the FRIMO hydraulic press or an EcoCut punching machine; a milling cell is integrated for partly trimming, processing of variants and airbag weakening. The key advantage is the central control for the entire system. This covers all of the hardware and software planning for the interfaces within the trimming system and the customer’s higher-level control systems (PDA; traceability systems). Linking the technologies produces the best possible trimming results with short cycle times (< 40 sec. possible). As a result, high volumes can be achieved with high system availability and process reliability.

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