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Press lamination solutions are quickly gaining importance in the automotive industry compared to classic vacuum lamination. With autonomous vehicles, interiors in particular will undergo a complete redesign. New materials and functions also bring new challenges for volumes and technical requirements. Customization will become even more popular.

Our customers need tooling, equipment, and processes that can variably and cost-effectively process as many different surfaces as possible. The need for product-specific solutions is growing to make part production optimal for functionality, quality, reliability, and efficiency.


Laminate hard and soft areas at the same time

Perfectly processing premium materials, such as leather, requires exceptional know-how and precision, down to the smallest detail. For very precise quality requirements, we offer a combination of hard tools and soft membranes, adapted exactly to the part. With selective laminating, both membrane and hard laminating can be performed in a single tool. The transitions between hard and soft areas can therefore be formed perfectly and tolerances will compensate for each other. This is a particularly attractive option for applications such as instrument or door panels.

FRIMO Selective Membrane/Press Laminating Advantages

  • Perfect transitions between hard and soft areas
  • Adhesive activated through IR heat and re-cooled in the tool
  • Contour tool with membrane covering compensates for variations in part geometries
  • High process reliability through minimized manual operation
  • Flexible production of left and right hand drive parts
  • Integrated edge folding
  • Energy efficient process


Four technologies in one machine

With short life cycles and an increasing number of variations, more flexible and economic options are needed. Our answer is a universal machine for four technologies, optimal for low to medium production volumes. Our Multipurpose Machine (MPM) is a single, compact, modular machine that combines:

  • Press laminating (heating and activation through separate heat emitter)
  • Groove laminating
  • Vacuum laminating/IMG laminating
  • Edge folding (hot air and emitter activated)

The installed tools each have their own PLC and therefore the process know-how remains with the tool. By utilizing the central robot, a complete product and process change takes place at the push of a button. Your operators only need to load the machine and unload the finished parts.

FRIMO MPM Advantages

  • One investment for four technologies
  • Flexible small series production
  • Fully-automated tool change
  • Quick and easy technology switch


Heating and cooling within one tool

Press laminating leather and artificial leather requires hotmelt adhesives, which need to be heated and then re-cooled in the process. With FRIMO, this is possible in a single tool, instead of requiring the standard additional cooling die. With precise temperature control, both the hotmelt adhesive activation and the re-cooling take place in the closed tool. Both are necessary to prevent the decor from delaminating. The pre-fixed covers and seams are continuously held in place during the entire adhesive activation and re-cooling process. This also makes it possible to process leather coverings with complex geometries directly in a press laminating tool.

FRIMO Duotherm Technology Advantages

  • Secure adhesion to concave substrate areas
  • Decor and seam are held in exact position in the tool
  • Energy-efficient tool design and tempering concept
  • Segmented application possible in press laminating tools


  • Reliable process validation beforehand in the FRIMO TechCenter
  • Highly automated production process possible
  • High process reliability
  • Flexible use of multiple press lamination tools
  • Different technologies can be combined
  • Additional functions, such as punching, can be integrated

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