Fiber composites are essential to modern lightweight construction because they can be customized in many ways. Using our extensive experience in composites, we are able to offer the best possible thermoplastic and duroplastic process tooling and equipment technology for lightweight and structural parts.


Simple production solutions for composites

Developing innovative tooling and equipment for lightweight construction is one of our distinctive capabilities. We offer support from the very beginning for development of new, cost-effective processes, alternatives for established processes, and substitution of steel and aluminum parts. As a global partner for simple to complex tasks in fiber-reinforced materials, composites, and lightweight construction, we take all the details of your lightweight construction requirements into account during the design development phase.

Our FRIMO composite experts support you in the early development phase as far as feasibility, possible weight reduction, and resource-efficient production and automation, and offer custom production solutions for preforming, forming, pressing, and injection molding. Together, we can help you go from an idea to profitable composites production.

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FRIMO Contact for Pressing/Forming

FRIMO Contact for Pressing/Forming

North America


Technologies and FRIMO composites and lightweight construction products

Pressing Technology
  • Compression molding
  • Heating and calibration presses
  • Preform presses
  • RTM presses
  • Wet compression molding
  • SMC and C-SMC
  • NFPP Hybrid & OneShot tools
  • Organo sheet injection tools
  • Preforming tools
  • RTM tools
  • WCM tools
  • Compression tools
  • Forming tools
  • Combination tools
  • Linear transfer
  • Handling robots
  • Gripper technology
Peripheral Equipment
  • Injection units
  • Material transport and cutting
  • Tool change systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Safety technology


Standardized composites equipment and custom production solutions


Innovative fiber reinforcement technology
  • Reliable process validation beforehand in the FRIMO TechCenter
  • Weight savings of up to 35%
  • Short cycle times (approximately 65 seconds)
  • Highly automated (up to 100%), automatic waste removal
  • Simple integration of functional elements with NFPP Hybrid
  • Decorative surfaces with NFPP OneShot
  • Various machine layouts increase productivity

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Thermoplastic structural parts in record time
  • Fast process for structural components, short cycle times (approximately 60 seconds)
  • Significant weight reduction (up to 30%)
  • Better mechanical properties through fiber reinforcement
  • Direct integration of functional elements (e.g. screws, inserts, weld areas) for assembly later on

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Fiber reinforced parts in high volumes
  • Large structural components, including carbon fiber
  • Lightweight with distinguished mechanical properties
  • Mechanical properties can be optimized through fiber direction
  • Savings through possible integration of functional elements and parts
  • Custom preforming solutions
  • Series production-tested machine concepts

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Short cycle times with maximum performance
  • FRIMO WCM Technology
    • Presses and tools
    • Robot automation and gripper technology
    • Metering and dosing equipment with optional glass fiber dosing
  • Sandwich Core Production
    • Part trimming & assembly
    • Quality control, EOL testing
    • Tooling & equipment for PU foam cores
    • Welding and packing lines for 3D PET foam cuts
    • Sandwich handling and trimming (milling) for paper honeycombs

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The future of lightweight construction

We are strongly involved in both private and cooperative research projects and, along with our own internal research and development efforts, we also look for opportunities to collaborate with universities and institutes. Through these strategic partnerships, we proactively participate in trendsetting research and development projects, including SMiLE, Leika, and iComposite 4.0.

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Stronger together

The Composites Alliance between FRIMO and SCHULER is truly notable in the lightweight construction industry. Within the partnership, both companies use their core capabilities to create custom, complete solutions for lightweight construction projects.

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FRIMO pressing and forming technology

  • Electric vehicles
  • Monocoques
  • Headliners
  • Wheels/rims
  • Springs
  • Steel part alternatives
  • Aluminum part alternatives
  • Semi-structural substrates
  • Door panels
  • Automotive interiors
  • Substrate compression
  • Clips
  • Single piece passenger cabins
  • Vehicle underbodies
  • Carbon fiber reinforced floor assemblies
  • Insulation and acoustics
  • Insulation parts
  • Acoustic parts
  • Front walls
  • Front end substrates
  • Bumpers
  • Floor panels
  • Carpets
  • Wheel housing liners
  • Rims
  • Headliners
  • Trunk liners
  • Monolithic parts
  • Sandwich parts
  • Battery housings

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