Flexible Trimming

Flexible Trimming

Well-engineered for your safety

FRIMO FlexTrim systems make it possible to complete trimming jobs within the production process in a particularly flexible manner. As a result, you can easily process a variety of components with different designs, made of different materials, and with complex geometries with the required level of precision.

To achieve this, we include all common cutting methods needed for the project, such as milling, ultrasonic cutting, blade cutting, and waterjet cutting. This can be added onto or combined with punching processes. At our TechCenters, we offer a wide range of trial opportunities as early as the planning and development stage, and therefore can help determine the ideal solution for your needs from both a technical and economical perspective.

FRIMO FlexTrim scoring systems have an unparalleled level of process reliability, which is especially important when working in safety-related fields with tight tolerances, for example the process known as airbag weakening. This is proven each and every day by FRIMO systems used for series production located around the world.


The FRIMO Augmented Reality app allows you to gain exciting 3-D insights into our technologies. Simply download the app and scan the images labeled with the app icon!

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A quick look at the benefits:

  • Relatively low investment costs 
  • Optimal technical and economic solution based on project specific requirements 
  • Product modification possible at any time 
  • Manufacturing of multiple products with one machine 
  • Cutting parts with complex geometries 
  • Optimization possibilities through offline-programming and simulation tools
  • Ideal for small volume production as well as for prototype and service part manufacturing
  • Variation manufacturing in combination with punching


Flexible Trimming

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