Flexible Trimming: Blade Cutting

Flexible Trimming: FlexTrim Blade Cutting Machines

Ideal for skin and film trimming or scoring

Blade cutting is a very fast, precise and clean process. In the automotive industry, it is particularly well suited for kiss cutting, edge cutting and for cutting notches in foils and leather skins to prepare for edge folding processes.

A special form of blade cutting is scoring, i.e. the intentional weakening of leather, plastic foils and form skins to create specific tear lines, such as to allow the release of airbags.

Ultrasonic cutting technology allows for even more possibilities in die and kiss cutting for foamed components with appropriate material combinations. This technology allows parts to be cut dust and chip free with a very low noise level. 

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Efficient, safe, high-precision machines with one or more robots per cell
  • Compact, easy to operate units 
  • Ultrasonic, scalpel, circular or VOCKS blades (for scoring with application of release agent) 
  • Nearly all surface materials can be processed in 3-D geometries, e.g. TPO, TPU, PVC, PU and leather
  • High feed rates (up to 200 mm/sec.) possible
  • No sound insulation of the machine necessary
  • No dust or chip formation - No suction necessary
  • Combination of FRIMO trimming and scoring technology for thermoformed skins into one component fixture possible


Flexibly Trimming

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