Flexible Trimming: Milling

Flexible Trimming: FlexTrim Milling Machines

Good ergonomics and optimal component accessibility

Milling can be used to not only create highly complex component geometries, but also to achieve precise cutting depths. It is often used in combination with punching operations to produce component variations or small quantities, such as of instrument panels, center consoles or door panels. FRIMO FlexTrim milling machines have been specially developed to process complex 3-D plastic components.

The newest generation of FlexTrim milling machines offers an attractive price/performance ratio. The new rotary table and product fixture concept ensures excellent ergonomic conditions for the operator and optimal component access for the milling robots. The use of multiple product fixtures per station reduces the number of necessary changes, thereby increasing productivity.

Through the use of new milling technology with optimized chips, an effectiveness ratio of up to 95 % is possible with appropriate material combinations.

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Attractive price/performance ratio
  • High productivity, good ergonomics and optimal component accessibility
  • Use of multiple product fixtures per workstation possible
  • Use of one, two or three robots possible (can be added later)
  • High process reliability
  • Excellent cut quality through optimally matched machine-fixture combination
  • Defined cutting depth, e.g. for substrate/foam weakening
  • Use of several milling cutters - cutter magazines can be fitted from outside
  • High flexibility through fast tool and fixture change
  • Compatible with all standard milling spindles
  • "Flexible fixture" principle feasible
  • Optimal milling span applicable
  • Sound-proofed machine housing attainable depending on the process (max. 75 dB)
  • Easy start-up, operation, maintenance and cleaning



Flexible Trimming

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