Flexible Trimming: Scoring

Flexible Trimming: FlexTrim Scoring Machines

Ideal for skin and film trimming or scoring

FRIMO's scoring process technology was developed for producing hidden airbags in instrument panels. In contrast to composite component weakening in which the substrate, foam and skin are all weakened in one step, FRIMO prefers material-specific single steps.

The foil or skin is weakened by blade before foaming. The substrate and foam are separately weakened at the end, which can easily be integrated into the necessary component cutting process. Depending on the customer-specific requirements, this is where FRIMO punching machines or milling machines come into play. Compared to weakening entire composite components (for example, with a laser), a lower investment is required.

FRIMO offers a patented process for airbag weakening on leather parts in which the skin is weakened by a rotating circular blade. This process guarantees high precision and odorless results with the shortest possible cycle times.

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Efficient, safe, and highly precise machines with one or more robots per cell
  • Relatively low investment volume required
  • Compact, easy-to-use machines
  • Use of ultrasonic, scalpel, circular, or VOCKS blades with release agent application
  • Almost all surface materials can be processed, such as TPO, TPU, PVC, PU, and leather, even in 3D geometries
  • Possibility to combine trimming and weakening of the thermoformed skins through a shared product intake in a FRIMO Combined Trimming and Scoring Machine


Flexible Trimming

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