Joining: Hot Plate Welding

Joining/Gluing: FRIMO Hot Plate Welding Systems

FRIMO JoinLine - The Hot Plate Welding Machine

This line of standard machines includes multiple sizes for welding components with various measurements. One of the most common applications is glove boxes. All machines come with the option of adding a standard tool change system.

These standard machines are multi-functional for repeated use.

Cycle times can be shortened through perfected programming.

FRIMO also offers a variety of automated solutions.

Tooling Technology

FRIMO offers innovative concepts for quick tool changes to improve operation and increase productivity.

  • Cassette-style modular form
  • Optimal protection of heating element through cassette structure
  • Quicker tool changes in under 3 minutes
  • Multiple cassettes can be used in a single machine
  • Optional tool change cart
  • Easy tool change on operator side

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Long-proven in the market and in many applications
  • Simple system technology
  • High value serial machines and tools
  • Multi-cavity molds possible
  • Tool changing systems
  • Balance of article tolerances possible through the matching process


Hot Plate Welding

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