Joining: Infrared Welding

Joining/Gluing: Infrared Welding Systems

Super strong welds for large plastic components with 3D joining contours

Thermoplastics can be welded together using INFRARED radiation. Some of the radiation in infrared welding is absorbed by the material and transformed into heat. As a result, the surface layer is melted and the plastic components can be joined by being pressed together. Infrared heat is transferred without contact. The heat input is fast, specific and energy-efficient.

Power-controlled and time-controlled INFRARED emitters allow for precise and controlled welding processes. Typical applications are instrument panels, door trims and center consoles with complex, 2D or 3D welding contours. Particle-free welding is particularly used for joining air-duct pipes, fluid containers, tank systems and filters or filter housings.

Comparison of the Joining Processes

The following quality and efficiency factors of joined plastics vary, depending on the final product and application:

  • Particle purity, such as for air- or oil-ducting components (increasingly strict OEM regulations and norms)
  • Use of reinforced, high-performance plastics, such as fiberglass reinforced plastics in lightweight and structural components
  • Higher yield strength in security-relevant areas
  • 100 % gas-tight
  • Weldability of different materials
  • Design freedom, including welding complex, 3D-geometries 
  • Productivity, economic viability and energy efficiency
  • and much more!

Current and future applications:

  • Large components, such as instrument panels, door panels, middle consoles
  • Parts with complex 3D welding contours
  • Air ducts
  • Fluid reservoirs
  • Storage tanks, tank filters
  • Housings, such as air and other filter housings

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Contactless process
  • Plastification of complex, three-dimensional contours
  • Higher strengths
  • Particle purity
  • Absolutely air and gas impermeable
  • Joining of different materials, e. g. TPE with PP GF 30
  • Simple machine technology, large parameter window
  • Wide range of IR machines
  • All types of tooling and emitters
  • Numerous references
  • Extensive know-how for all joining processes


INFRARED Plastics Joining

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