Joining: Control - Monitoring Documentation in IR - Applications

Joining/Gluing: Controls Technology

Controlling/Monitoring/Documenting IR Applications

In the field of electrical control systems, the range of component contours and materials produce numerous parameters:

  • Narrow and broad joining zones
  • Different materials
  • Visible edges
  • Stacked emitters
  • Different material thicknesses

Control Technology

The operation and parameter entry is managed by a comfortable touch panel located either in the control cabinet or in a remote operating housing, depending on the version.

Comprehensive and new test methods - For higher quality and safety

The following parameters can be monitored in our systems:

  • Current of the IR radiators
  • Welding depth (by automated registration of material height)
  • Joining path
  • Welding pressure
  • Inspection of INFRARED heater field during OFF mode via cameras
  • Heat input into welding seam can be recorded with INFRARED cameras and evaluated with image comparison

Testing technique with INFRARED camera


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