Joining: INFRARED Emitter Systems

Joining/Gluing: INFRARED Emitter Systems

In INFRARED joining, different types of IR-emitters (quartz glass bulb emitters or metal foil emitters) are used, depending on the project requirements. FRIMO offers tailor-made solutions for both systems.

Quartz glass bulb emitters:

  • Radiation temperature approx. 1.800 - 2.400°C
  • Reach operating temperature within 1s
  • Power up to 200 KW/m²
  • Short cycle times, typical heating period about 12s
  • Greater distance to material possible, low risk of fire
  • Flexible heating via individual control of single radiator units
  • Fixed contour, standard or special design, e.g. 3D contours
  • Different wave lengths (0,78 μm to 2 μm)
  • Energy direction transmitters can be used for tolerance adjustments

Metal foil emitters:

  • Radiation temperature approx. 700 °C
  • Reach operating temperature within 8-10s
  • Power up to 32 KW/m²
  • Longer cycle times necessary
  • Lower power and temperature requires short distance between emitters and material, higher fire risk
  • Only constant energy emission along length / width of the metal foils
  • Flexible contour, easy to adjust
  • Mid-wave system (2,1 μm to 3,6 μm)
  • No adjustment of tolerances by energy direction transmitters possible

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