Joining: JoinLine IR-V-ECO-1200

Joining/Gluing: INFRARED JoinLine IR-V-ECO-1200

"The Affordable All-Arounder"

This new development offers all the advantages of the infrared welding technique with a comparatively low investment. It is the optimal starting unit for welding small quantities or for laboratory use. It is aimed at users who would like to integrate infrared technology into their manufacturing process as a new technology.


  • All types of containers (2D or 3D weld contour)
  • Glovebox lids
  • Larger speaker boxes
  • Intake pipes

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Contactless process
  • Plastification of complex, three-dimensional contours
  • Elevated strengths
  • Particle purity
  • Absolute air and gas impermeability
  • Connection of various materials, e.g., TPE with PP GF 30
  • Simple system technology; big parameter window


America: Jeff Daily
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Europe: Sönke Hinz
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Asia: Michael Knemeyer
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