Joining: JoinLine IR-V-RPS-Maxi

Joining/Gluing: INFRARED JoinLine IR-V-RPS-Maxi

"The Big One"

Do you have large components to weld? FRIMO's Maxi-design infrared welding unit is the only standard infrared welding machine on the market that can handle components as big as truck instrument panels.


  • Large components, such as commercial vehicle instrument panels
  • Multi-use tools

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Contactless process
  • Plastification of complex, three-dimensional contours
  • Elevated strengths
  • Particle purity
  • Absolute air and gas impermeability
  • Connection of various materials, e.g., TPE with PP GF 30
  • Simple system technology; big parameter window

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America: Jeff Daily

Europe: Sönke Hinz

Asia: Billy Wang