Laminating: Leather Laminating

Laminating: Leather Lamination

Leading the market

Leather laminating is found mainly in the automotive industry. High quality vehicle interiors are characterized by a sophisticated design made of perfectly processed and adapted materials. Leather surfaces are no longer exclusively reserved for premium vehicles; they are also becoming increasingly used in high volume and mid-priced vehicle interiors.

As a natural material, leather presents tough processing challenges. Variations, quality/quantity requirements and numerous project-specific parameters demand smart manufacturing solutions that can only be produced with extensive experience and in-depth technology and process expertise.

FRIMO's tooling and equipment technology in leather processing leads the market. Along with leather laminating come leather back-foaming (pu processing) and leather scoring for hidden airbags.

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Functional and decorative seams of sewn 3-D coverings are repeatedly precisely positioned
  • Materials gently handled in terms of temperature and strain
  • Reliable prevention of pressure marks in leather covers
  • Reproducible, reliable, long lasting bonds ensured
  • Multi-functional tools
  • Cost-effective combination tools
  • A large number of application-specific system and tool concept options


Press Laminating

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