Pressing / Forming: Composites

Pressing/Forming: Composites

Tailor-made systems and tools for composites

Composites are engineered materials made from two or more materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties. Their mechanical and physical properties depend on the type and proportion of the base materials and the parameters of the manufacturing process. Due to composites, very light and durable plastic parts can be produced. Composites may be prepared as layers, fibers, particles or penetrating composites, but the actual composite material usually only arises during the shaping process in the tool.

FRIMO has extensive technical expertise and many years of experience in developing and manufacturing plants and tools to process composite materials such as CFK, GFK, NFPP, HFPP, LFT, GMT and BMC and supplies for the production processes such as RRIM, SRIM / GMPU, Long Fiber Technologies, NFI, or RTM tailor-made manufacturing equipment.

FRIMO's Product Portfolio:

  • Pre-forming plants and tools
  • Forming plants and tools
  • RTM plants and tools
  • Hydraulic presses and pressing tools complemented by mixing/metering, trimming, assembly and automation equipment.


Pressing / Forming

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