Pressing / Forming: OneShot Technology

Pressing/Forming: OneShot

Tailor-made machines and tools for OneShot technology

The combination of multiple technologies/procedures in one step is called OneShot technology. Semi-finished products (e.g. renewable raw materials such as natural fibers) and decorative materials (e.g. textiles) have to be handled in one production step to finish a component, such as a door panel.

FRIMO has developed a modular system that allows for simple and customized configuration of a OneShot plant with all necessary tools. The following units can be integrated into such a plant: feeding station, heating station, calibrating station, material assembly station, press with OneShot tool, part-removal station.

Possible process combinations with OneShot technology:

  • Forming - Trimming - Back injection molding
  • Forming - Laminating
  • Forming - Laminating - Punching
  • Forming - Laminating - Joining
  • Forming - Laminating - Punching - Joining
  • Forming - Joining
  • Forming - Joining - Punching

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