PU Processing: Plant Technology

PU Processing: FRIMO PURe Plant Technology

Flexible and individual solutions

FRIMO offers the widest variety of solutions in terms of combining tool carriers, mix and metering units, and the peripheral equipment necessary to complete production systems. Individual and turnkey production solutions are therefore readily available.

FRIMO's Product Portfolio:

  • PURe Track Overhead Conveyor Systems
    • Flexible plant concept
    • Minimizes space requirements by avoiding obstacles on the floor
    • High productivity, e.g. fully automatic on-line tool change without loss of cycle
    • Broad product mix and parallel processing in one system
  • PURe Floor Conveyor Systems
  • Rotary Tables
    • Stationary rotary tables with segmented or fixed platforms
    • Broad standard product range (4-15 m diameter)
    • Variable configuration with floor-mounted rollers or self-supporting centralized bearing
    • Variety of drive types via wrap chain (external or internal gear teeth) or friction wheel
  • Stationary plants
    • Single and multiple station units
    • Wide range of layouts, e. g. insular, linear or cluster solutions

A quick look at the benefits:

  • High advisory competence
  • All possible concepts from one hand
  • Layout and logistic planning
  • Digital production simulation
  • Greatest possible productivity and operational availability
  • Low wear and tear and long lifespan
  • Optimized manufacturing logistics, e. g. one piece flow



America: Brent Gawne
+1 (248) 756-9305

Europe: Alexander Rekelkamm
+49 (0) 5404/886-201

Asia: Michael Knemeyer
+86 (182) 21650675