PURe Track

PU Processing

PURe Track Overhead Conveyor System

The highest possible production flexibility is offered through FRIMO's modular overhead conveyor system PURe Track. Mold carriers with clamping forces of up to 1800 kN and weighing up to 30 tons have been produced. They are suspended and guided in a double rail system, which is fastened to the floor through a beam structure.

A quick look at the benefits:

  • High flexibility for high product mix on one system
  • Parallel execution of different processes and handling times through parallel rails
  • Fully automatic production change through On-Line tool / mold carrier change without loss of cycle time
  • Modular structure enabling expandability without early capital commitment
  • Possible involvement of the inner space of the system in the production plan, very good accessibility to the system
  • Avoids obstacles on the floor, therefore free access to the entire production plant and much easier cleaning
  • Optimized space requirement
  • All common tool carrier functions are viable
  • The tool carriers can be operated from all sides
  • Tool carriers can be driven individually or linked together
  • Energy is on the tool carriers or transferred to them at defined stations
  • Ergonomic positioning of tools
  • Optimal use of production times


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