PU Processing: Type 10 / Type 10 compact

PU Processing: Type 10

The tool carrier for back foaming instrument panels on rotary tables or for foaming closed tools

  • Type 10: Tool carriers with the tool interface of types 6 and 7
  • Type 10 Compact: Tool carriers for smaller instrument panels or topper pads
    - Tool block height = 800 mm, can be adjusted by up to 1000 mm with interchangeable parts
    - Tool block depth = 800 mm

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Standardized tool and control interfaces
  • Low investment and operation costs thanks to drive combinations and simple construction
  • Open/close and top part swivel through drive mechanism
  • Foaming setting and positioning for skin removal/insertion occur through drive mechanism
  • High efficiency due to the elimination of time spent on swivel movements
  • Very fast movements, very short closing times
  • Light weight and small overall width
  • Skimming entry occurs from the operator side (rotary table mode) or into the closed mold


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Asia: Michael Knemeyer
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