PU Processing: Type 13

PU Processing: Type 13

Type 13 is a manually operated tool carrier without electric control for front foaming arm rests or for foaming foam pads (sealing elements, acoustic components, etc.)

"Type 13" refers to the entire family of manually operated tool carriers. Many configurations are already in use. Please request a specific Type 13 tool carrier and indicate how you will be using it.

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Low investment, operation, and logistics costs
  • The weight of the upper component is balanced using a counterweight, which can also be combined with a gas-filled shock absorber if necessary
  • Pneumatic timing for the air cushion with pneumatic safety function
  • Can be operated without an electrically monitored security system, thus making further cost savings possible in regards to the system technology (with manual mix head control as well)
  • Horizontal and vertical counterweight configuration with a screw spindle, ensuring the lowest operating forces
  • Foaming system configuration in one or two axes using the jack screw
  • We adjust tool sizes and quantities in order to ensure the optimal ergonomics for your unit


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