PU Processing: Types 11 and 12

PU Processing: Types 11 and 12

The tool carriers for front foaming arm supports and door panels

  • Type 11: “Butterfly” configuration for two door panel tools
  • Type 12: “Crocodile” configuration for four arm rest tools with individually controlled tool uppers

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Standardized tool and control interfaces
  • Universally applicable and can be integrated into various system concepts
  • Both have an identical infrastructure and are directly interchangeable in foaming systems
  • Foam can be applied from the operator's side, back side, or into a closed mold
  • Compact, modular construction suitable for most systems available on the market
  • Very fast movements, very short closing times
  • Swivel movements, very short closing times
  • Swivel movements driven electrically and can be continuously repositioned
  • Optimal ergonomic programmable
  • Other variations (e.g. two double top parts, 6 cavities, etc.) can be easily configured


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