Highly productive and reliable - perfect cuts for high volumes

FRIMO offers comprehensive and optimally customized punching solutions for a wide variety of applications. We are the leading specialist when it comes to high-volume, complex punching projects. Our systems are used across the globe in the automotive industry for punching instrument panels, center consoles, door panels and columns, and bumpers.

We assist early in the development stage to help achieve the most efficient production possible. We help determine the best possible punching method based on your individual project specifications, and conduct tests to ensure our determination is correct. This approach ultimately cuts investment and production costs and gives you the necessary availability and security during production.

The punching methods we use encompass all principles of die cutting and kiss cutting, as well additional special types of punching that are combined with each other or with other processes, such as edge folding. For these special situations, we have automated and connected systems.


The FRIMO Augmented Reality app allows you to gain exciting 3-D insights into our technologies. Simply download the app and scan the images labeled with the app icon!

FRIMO's Product Portfolio:

A quick look at the benefits:

  • High economic efficiency 
  • Short cycle times 
  • High tool/machine availability
  • High level of process safety and reliability 
  • High cut quality and precision 
  • No product impurities 


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