Punching: "Combi"/Special Tools

Punching: Combination and specialty tools

Tailor-made combination and specialty tools for almost any application

Combi tools allow different technologies to be combined in a single step (in one tool) for more efficient plastic component production. Typical technologies applied in combined processes (depending on the requirements) are foaming, forming, laminating, edge folding, punching and joining. These processes allow different materials and material combinations to be used. "Combi" tools enable a very fast and cost-effective production process with minimized space requirements.

Based on their longtime expertise and completion of numerous serial projects, FRIMO is able to supply optimized tooling solutions that perfectly meet the product and customer requirements. These range from small tools to special tools for large components for a nearly unlimited range of plastic applications. Our tools are available in steel or cast steel, as well as in aluminum, cast aluminum or nickel shells. For special applications, FRIMO also offers tools with interchangeable inserts, allowing the most efficient production of multiple parts in a single unit.


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