Punching: CombiCut

Punching: CombiCut

A single machine with punching, embossing and joining capabilities for exterior components

The FRIMO CombiCut machine is a specially developed single unit for punching, embossing and joining bumpers and other grained, painted or unpainted exterior plastic components.

The CombiCut is very well suited for large-scale production, especially with many variations. This means optional punching and mounting elements such as parking assistants, headlight wipers, fog lamps, side-markers and trailer hitches can be added just prior to final assembly, reducing inventories and simplifying storage.

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Multiple operations such as punching, embossing and gluing or ultrasonic welding in a single unit
  • Radius embossing for painted components possible
  • High productivity and process reliability 
  • Compact and low maintenance design 
  • Ergonomically optimized loading and operation
  • Integrated waste removal system


CombiCut Punching Machines

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