Punching: EcoCut

Punching: EcoCut COMPACT

An efficient, high-performance punching machine for high volume production

The FRIMO EcoCut COMPACT punching machine is particularly well-suited for trimming very complex and large plastic components, such as instrument panels, door panels, and armrests. Its high capacity makes it the optimal choice for large-scale production.

The EcoCut has been specifically developed for trimming in ram direction and in many additional punching directions. The part loading fixture is integrated directly into the lower table. The vertically driven upper tool replaces the press ram.

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Very compact construction, low height
  • Ergonomic part loading
  • Combination of ram and slider trimming
  • Automatic waste removal on right side, left side, or in back (flexible)
  • Energy-efficient drive system


America: Jeff Daily
+1 (248) 668-3180
+1 (248) 514-6524

Europe: Thomas Joachim
+49 (0) 5653/9793-121

Asia: Michael Knemeyer
+86 (182) 21650675