Punching: ErgoCut

Punching: ErgoCut

A compact and ergonomic punching machine for high volume production

The FRIMO ErgoCut is an extremely compact and ergonomically designed punching machine very well suited for trimming complex and large components in high volume. This includes instrument panels, door panels, center consoles and armrests.

The ErgoCut is just under 2.5m tall, which makes it ideal for confined spaces. The components are positioned on the product intake of the lower table, which swings up when the cycle starts. Once locked in place, the punching units located in the fixed upper component begin trimming.

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Suitable for all punching processes 
  • High productivity and process reliability 
  • Excellent cutting results 
  • Extremely compact construction and low total weight 
  • Ergonomically optimized loading and operation
  • Optional: integration of waste removal system


ErgoCut Punching Machines

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