Punching: Hydraulic Presses

Punching: HyPress Hydraulic Presses

For a variety of pressing, foaming, punching and forming applications

FRIMO HyPress standard machines can be adapted to fit table size, stroke, clearance, and press force requirements. Numerous options are available including safety packages, pivoting rams and tables, tool change systems, automation solutions, and complete customizations.

The standard presses are designed as bolted, welded structures. The machine feet, head and sides are manufactured with high precision and fastened with fitting keys. The ram is guided via prisms and can be easily readjusted. It can alternatively be column-guided.

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Versatile utilization, such as pressing, foaming, punching, forming
  • High flexibility due to tool changes
  • Modular design for perfect adaptation to specific needs
  • Comprehensive basic configuration and a broad variety of options
  • Compact machine design, high geometric precision and rigidity


HyPress Hydraulic Presses

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