Thermoforming and vacuum laminating - innovative solutions for small batch and high-volume production

At FRIMO, there are a variety of options for cost-effectively manufacturing thermoformed surfaces. Film and sheet materials can be used to efficiently and reliably produce all types of decorative paneling, such as for vehicle interiors. This makes it possible to meet high demands for durability and functionality, as well as for appearance and feel.

To achieve this, we provide customized equipment and tool technology for thermoforming and vacuum laminating, even with IMG (in-mold graining) quality. It is even possible to combine more than one of these methods in one system. Through the use of 3-D simulation and visualization technologies, we optimize the process as early as during the development stage, based on your process specifications. Results are then verified on the systems at our TechCenter.

Our systems are equipped with innovative and patented features for material savings, high availability, the ideal heating concept, controls, monitoring process data, and ergonomically ideal operation.


The FRIMO Augmented Reality app allows you to gain exciting 3-D insights into our technologies. Simply download the app and scan the images labeled with the app icon!

FRIMO's Product Portfolio

  • Deep drawing/vacuum lamination tools
  • IMG deep drawing/vacuum lamination tools
  • EcoForm single-station machines
  • EcoVarioForm linear machines
  • Multi Purpose Machines (MPM)
    • Vacuum lamination
    • Press lamination
    • Edge folding
  • Turn tables
  • Specialized machines
  • Tool change systems

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Process neutral consultation due to a widespread technology competence
  • High-quality and comprehensive basic configuration
  • Various options
  • Sophisticated, tested and economically efficient conceptions
  • Short cycle times
  • Proven, solid, safe design
  • High process reliability and safety



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