Thermoforming: IMG

Thermoforming: IMG (In Mold Graining)

The efficient way to optimally grained surfaces

The In-Mold-Graining (IMG) process has all the advantages of thermoforming while also meeting optimal surface requirements - and without stretching the grain.

The IMG process transfers the grain structure onto the foil during the thermoforming process. The mold's upper shell, which carries the grain being embossed onto the molded part, has an air-permeable design for thermoforming. Grain-embossed skins produced in this way can be finished by directly laminating the substrate within the same operation or through back foaming, back injection molding, or back pressing.

The economic benefits of classic thermoforming technology are combined with the optical advantages of modern molded skin and laminating technologies.

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Forming or laminating without grain stretching
  • Economic alternative to slush skin, spray skin or RIM skin
  • Grain adjustment between different components
  • Logo embossing
  • Incorporation of decorative elements
  • Different grain zones on the same component
  • Suitable for compact and foam foils
  • Small undercuts can be implemented
  • Multiple uses for and modifications of existing plants possible



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