Thermoforming: Vacuum Laminating

Thermoforming: FRIMO Vacuum Lamination Technology

Ideal for high volumes

In vacuum laminating, plastic films such as TPO, TEPEO2 ® and PVC are heated and vacuumed to plastic substrate components, resulting in lamination. The adhesive applied to the substrate or decor material is activated, causing the two parts to bond.

Vacuum laminating's special feature is that is can be combined with IMG (In-Mold Graining) in a single process. FRIMO offers this innovative and attractive technology with extensive market references.

FRIMO product portfolio:

  • Engineering
    • Pre-engineering, process planning and thermoform simulation
  • Vacuum laminating tools
    • Prototype and pilot-series vacuum laminating tools
    • Vacuum laminating tools with plug assists and trim tools
    • Combination tools with edge folding (snap-stroke tools)
    • IMG vacuum laminating tools with plug assists and trim tools
  • EcoForm single-station vacuum laminating machines
    • Small, medium and large series
    • Laboratory / special single-station machines 
  • VarioForm in-line vacuum laminating machines
    • In-line machines with separate heater station
    • In-line machines with sliding table, swiveling or rotary table
    • Foil infeed by means of chain rail or gripper feed system 
  • VarioForm rotary table vacuum laminating machines
    • Rotary table machines, e.g. 3-stations with blank processing
  • Special machines
    • can be configured individually
  • Tool change systems

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Process and system technology suitable for large-volume production
  • Economical alternative to slush, spray or RIM skin 
  • Ideal laminating and thermoforming results by use of new materials, e.g. TEPEO2® 
  • Minimal film consumption through optimized process



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