Thermoforming: VarioForm

Thermoforming: VarioForm Thermoforming Machines

A concept for higher productivity

FRIMO VarioForm thermoforming machines are primarily used in the automotive industry and are ideally suited for forming a wide range of films and sheet materials.

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Tailor-made concepts
  • Open forming station, i.e. no pre-blowing box on sliding/swiveling table and turn table units
  • Separate forming and punching processes
  • Pre-blowing and pre-suction possible
  • Improved vacuum power due to pre-suction bell
  • Window in the machine and in the pre-suction bell
  • Ergonomic, constant insertion height for the operator
  • Continuously variable clamping frame stroke from 0 - 300 mm
  • Quick tool change systems
  • Minimum waste of foil
  • Versatile foil fault detection feature with an optional color sensor
  • Additional safety for the operator with step-back protection
  • Panel PC for process documentation / analysis
  • Remote maintenance for secure VPN-connection or modem


VarioForm Thermoformanlagen

Download the file (PDF)
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