FRIMO Group's purchasing is divided into eight major (level 1) material groups. These groups of materials are further divided into level 2 and 3 material sub-groups. The main material groups include:

  • Equipment, materials, and supplies
  • Services
  • Semi-finished and unfinished parts of various materials
  • DIN and standard parts
  • Drive elements (pneumatic, hydraulic)
  • Electrical and electronic parts
  • Third-party manufactured parts
  • Capital goods


Current requirements:
We are currently seeking products and services for the following areas/applications:

  • Partner supplier for mechanical and electrical assembly of systems, modules, and complete units
  • System technology and robotic technology with high rigidity and repeatability
  • Raw material suppliers at competitive/current market prices

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FRIMO Purchasing Contact
FRIMO Purchasing Contact

Stefan Cittrich

Chief Procurement Officer

+49 5404 886-283

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