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For the highest performance

FRIMO automates your production processes.

FRIMO System Automation develops and implements advanced concepts for the automation of production systems. Based on a broad technology spectrum, the FRIMO Group is able to single-handedly develop entire production systems and automated solutions.

Along with innovative project concepts, the core competence of the company includes retrofitting and upgrading existing systems, as well as pure automation technology. We also supply tools, machinery and equipment from third-party suppliers.

The overall automated system is more than the sum of the individual processes!

FRIMO Plant Concepts and Control Systems

To increase productivity of manufacturing processes, FRIMO System Automation integrates robots to link the involved production steps. The core competence comprises the analytical plant design, including workroom analyses of the robots employed, the optimization of robot applications, the coupling to the CAD system, cycle time analyses or the integration of modular gripper systems.

FRIMO's Service Portfolio:

  • Scope of supply and services
    • Handling technology
    • Assembly systems 
    • Robot integration 
    • Gripping systems for robots 
    • Robot cells in modular design 
    • Image processing systems 
    • Safety devices 
    • Peripheral equipment and devices 
    • Operational and process data acquisition
  • Services
    • Plant/layout design
    • Preparation of technical specifications 
    • Engineering
    • Software development 
    • 3-D plant simulations 
    • Equipment assembly and start up
    • Production support 
    • CE certifying for entire plants

For complex system controlling, FRIMO offers:

  • Plant and process visualization
  • Central display of error messages 
  • Acquisition of operation and process data (ODA / PDA)
  • Remote diagnostic system for trouble shooting

A quick look at the benefits:

  • High availability of the entire production system 
  • User-friendly operation 
  • Reproducible process parameters 
  • Short fault identification times


System Automation

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