Range of Services: Machines and Systems

Machine Technology

High-performance series production

The high quality and efficiency of FRIMO's standard machines and custom solutions ensure the highest level of series production. With our comprehensive technological expertise, we offer additional synergies through cross-technology and automated solutions, in which different processes are combined and integrated.

FRIMO's Product Portfolio:

  • PU processing machines
    • PURe Mix - mix and metering technology
    • Tool carriers in various standard or special configurations
    • Stationary systems 
    • Rotary tables 
    • PURe Track overhead conveyor systems
    • PURe Floor - floor conveyor systems
    • Oval conveyors
    • Pallet conveyors
    • Peripheral equipment
  • Robotic trimming machines
    • FlexTrim milling machines
    • FlexTrim waterjet cutting machines
    • FlexTrim blade cutting and scoring machines
    • FlexTrim laser cutting machines
  • Punching, pressing, forming and specialized machines
    • ErgoCut punching machines
    • EcoCut punching machines
    • CombiCut punching machines
    • VertiCut punching machines
    • Fully-automated punching lines
    • HyPress hydraulic presses
    • OneShot - Self-punching fastening system
    • Pitching machines
    • Stapling machines
    • Forming systems
    • Systems for insulation and acoustic components
    • Specialized machines
  • Thermoforming, vacuum and press laminating machines
    • EcoForm single-station thermoforming/vacuum laminating machines
    • EcoForm for plastic sheets
    • MaxiForm for plastic sheets
    • VarioForm in-line thermoforming/vacuum laminating machines
    • VarioForm rotary table thermoforming/vacuum laminating machines
    • IMG thermoforming/laminating machines
    • Single-station press laminating machines
    • In-line press laminating machines
    • Membrane laminating machines
    • Specialized and combined systems
  • Edge folding machines
    • Single-station edge folding machines
    • In-line edge folding machines
    • Rotary table and "combi" systems
  • Joining and gluing machines
    • Ultrasonic welding machines
    • Infrared welding machines
    • Hot air welding machines
    • Hot plate welding machines
    • Riveting and gluing machines

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