Range of Services: Prototyping


Quick and precise, from the idea to the part

Do you need classic models such as leather, working, or presentation models? Do you want to use rapid prototyping to create parts or structural components from your data as quickly as possible? Do you need prototype, sample, or pre-series parts? The range of FRIMO services encompasses a complete spectrum of prototyping - from rapid prototyping and modeling to sample part production.

Prototype to series production

Prototyping plays a significant role at FRIMO. For this reason, each location has its own application center. These facilities conduct various trials and also produce sample, prototype, and pre-series parts using processes that realistically simulate production conditions.

This makes it possible to verify all important parameters and to assess requirements and feasibility at an early stage – an important prerequisite for custom production solutions.

FRIMO's Product Portfolio:

  • Leather laminating models
  • Laminating models
  • Bath models (Galvano)
  • Casting models
  • Data control models
  • Model aids
  • Presentation models
  • Clay models
  • Mock-ups
  • Thermoforming and laminating tools
  • Scoring fixtures
  • Foam tools
  • Welding tools
  • Welding fixtures
  • Assembly fixtures
  • Prototype and sample parts

FRIMO's Service Portfolio:

  • Material testing trials
  • Process validation & optimization
  • Specification and design for series production tools and machines 
  • Production of sample, prototype and pre-series parts


America: Brian Raymond
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Europe: Martina Schierholt
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Asia: Michael Knemeyer
+86 (182) 21650675