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Tooling Technology

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FRIMO produces tools for prototype, pre-serial and serial productions for a broad spectrum of plastics processing technologies. Depending on part geometry, quantity and individual customer requirements, FRIMO offers the best suited tooling concept from an economical and technical standpoint. Customers benefit from the know-how FRIMO has gained over many years and from the intelligent, cross-technology solutions FRIMO is able to offer.

FRIMO's Product Portfolio:

  • "Combi" tools:
    • Edge folding – Punching
    • Edge folding – Joining
    • Laminating – Edge folding
    • Forming – Laminating – Punching
    • Forming – Laminating
    • Forming – Punching
    • Laminating – Punching
    • Vacuum forming – Foaming
    • Vacuum forming – Punching – Foaming
    • Foaming - Trimming
    • etc.
  • Tools for PU Processing:
    • Front-cast coated foam tools
    • Directly milled foam tools
    • Self-locked foam tools
    • Release agent free foaming, the new PURe Liner technology
    • Pouring molds for the PURe Skin foaming (Silicone skin) technology
    • Tools for the processing of filled PU systems
    • etc.
  • Punching, pressing, forming and special tools:
    • Punching tools
    • Vacuum-assisted trimming fixtures
    • Stamping tools
    • Pressing tools for processing composite materials such as SMC, LFT, GMT, BMC, NFPP, HFPP, GFK, CFK
    • Carpet forming tools
    • Pre fixing devices
    • etc.
  • Thermoforming tools:
    • Male thermoforming tools with or without trimming
    • Female thermoforming tools with or without trimming
    • IMG tools
    • Special configurations, e.g. collapsible tools
  • Laminating tools:
    • Vacuum laminating tools
    • IMG vacuum laminating tools
    • Press laminating tools
    • Membrane laminating tools
    • Leather laminating devices
  • Edge folding tools:
    • Adhesive-based tooling technology
    • Tooling technology for adhesive-free processing
  • Joining and gluing tools

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