Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction throughout the entire lifetime of our machines. We can only reach this goal if our machines are optimally maintained and equipped with FRIMO original spare parts at our customers’ locations. This is the only way maximum availability, while maintaining high quality, and minimal unplanned down times can be guaranteed.

We have therefore examined and adapted our spare parts supply process to offer our customers optimal availability of high-quality spare parts at fair prices. To provide the best possible technical support, we train our specialists around the world to our high standards and specifically to your needs. Trust in our original spare parts and in the competence of our staff. We want our services to please you in the long run.

FRIMO's Product and Service Portfolio:

  • Fast identification and delivery of wear and tear materials, as well as spare parts
  • Wear and tear materials as well as spare parts in original quality
  • Individual spare part packages

A quick look at the benefits:

  • One-stop shopping for all spare parts
  • Professional technical consultations and sales from a single source
  • Spare parts designed and configured according to the exact quality and size requirements of your FRIMO machine
  • Long-term production reliability and maximum machine availability


North America: Michele Cox
+1 (248) 668-3172
+1 (248) 361-6839

Europe: Lars Albermann
+49 (0) 5404/886-328

Asia: Kenny Lu
+86 (21) 51651551