More possibilities, more advantages, added value. Every FRIMO Center of Competence has a fully-equipped TechCenter. Take advantage of the opportunity to try technologies and processes in a practical setting on a prototype or production-like scale.


Our TechCenter concept turns your ideas into series production of premium plastic parts

The FRIMO TechCenter allows customers worldwide to design and try all technologies for producing plastic parts, production processes, and product development in a practical setting on a prototypical and near-production scale.
Smooth production starts are more critical than ever as development cycles become increasingly short; they also help minimize risks and increase efficiency. In this context, FRIMO offers the best possible support, helps minimize risks, and saves time and money. We have an extensive portfolio of services consisting of support in choosing the right technology and production-oriented design and process harmonization and optimization. We also have a comprehensive training options in our TechCenters.

FRIMO TechCenter Contact

FRIMO TechCenter Contact

North America


Represented worldwide with over 15 technologies

Take advantage of our expertise to minimize costs and risks during sample part production. From creating surfaces, foaming, and milling, to assembly, our six FRIMO TechCenters around the world provide every opportunity to create added value for your plastics production solutions. FRIMO constantly invests in the future and helps shape it by participating in research projects like SMiLE.


Technology and combined solutions
  • Surface creation: PU spraying, thermoforming, IMG
  • Part assembly
  • Joining: IR, US, and hot plate welding
  • Part trimming: milling, blade trimming, water jetting
  • Laminating: pitching
  • Foaming
  • Scoring: scoring, router trimming/milling


From consultation to training
  • Technology consultation
  • Production planning
  • Design guidance
  • Foam and thermoforming simulation
  • Supply of purchased parts
  • Process optimization
  • Documentation
  • Program management
  • Logistics services
  • Quality management
  • Part inspection
  • Training/seminars


Custom solutions
  • Models
  • Fixtures
  • Tools
  • Training
  • Automation solutions


FRIMO Group TechCenter Portfolio
  • Material trials
  • Prototype production
  • Validation
  • Sample part production
  • Process development
  • Small series production
  • Pilot Plant
  • Internal/external new developments


Less time and effort, saving costs through

  • Sample part production at one location
  • Optimally harmonized processes
  • Comprehensive consultations, as well as part, process, and production optimization
  • Fewer interfaces mean more flexibility
  • Timeline management from a single source
  • Part monitoring (Status)
  • Coordinated management of changes
  • Sample part production according to customer requirements in various quality increments
  • Services and technology resources held in TechCenter for your company
  • Work and project rooms available


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Innovative technologies for your production.

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