With an exceptionally wide range of technologies and services for the automotive industry, we support our customers in every single process step. This includes high-quality tools as well as high-performance stand-alone systems or fully automated production lines. The focus is always on an individually optimized solution.


Light solutions for heavy tasks

FRIMO not only supplies high-quality tools and equipment, but also offers a wide range of technologies for use in the automotive industry - whether for interior or exterior components, as well as for lightweight constructions with modern composites materials. We have patented almost one hundred developments and can therefore offer you advantageous solutions that you can only obtain in this form from FRIMO.
Discover the right application for your component in our Technology Finder or let us advise you.

Technology Finder

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FRIMO Range of Technologies

FRIMO designs and builds cross-technology, custom tooling and equipment for plastics processing. We are your global technology partner for the simplest to most complex requirements.

One Stop. All Services.

We offer a comprehensive range of services on a global level. We see you through the entire process, from continuing part development to developing the optimal production solution. Our FRIMO TechCenter is a practical setting where you can test different technologies and processes. With FRIMO Automation, we combine and automate processes according to your technical needs.

We stand by your side as your partner throughout the entire process, from pre-engineering, through program management, to series production. And when your project has successfully gone into series production, we continue supporting you globally with our After-Sales Service.

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Innovative technologies for your production.

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We support you in product development right from the start - worldwide.


Tailor-made automation solutions for maximum productivity.


By your side from pre-engineering to series production.

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