FRIMO edgefolding technology

Economical and effective

Edgefolding refers to the process by which decorative materials, e.g. plastic films, textiles, carpets or leather, are folded over and fixed to the back of a substrate component using a gluing or welding process. Edgefolding follows vacuum or press laminating, back injection or back pressing to finish the plastic component.

FRIMO has already supplied a large number of different edgefolding tools and machines. In numerous projects for applications such as door and pillar trims, luggage compartment trims, parcel shelves, armrests, center consoles, covers and caps, as well as headliners, this process technology has been continuously expanded and optimized. The further development has resulted in new and economical solutions.

FRIMO product portfolio:

  • Engineering
  • Prototype, pilot series and serial production tools
  • Single station units
    • with a swivelling upper table
    • with vertical electromotive upper table drive, when stronger forces are required
  • Inlineand rotary table sytems
    • which can substantially reduce cycle times for large quantities
  • Combination machines
    • which integrate further process steps into the edge folding machine such as e.g. punching, cutting, mounting, welding, stamping, gluing and joining, cooling, checking parts presence, applying and reading the bar code labels etc.
  • Edgefolding accessories
    • such as handling systems, conveyors, dies, trim and punch tools, clip mountings, barcode printers and readers, component monitoring, etc.

The advantages at one glance:

  • Central drive system or individual drive of the edgefolding slider units
  • Different pressure range for edgefolding movement and bonding pressure phase 
  • Moveable mounted edgefolding sliders to compensate for material tolerances 
  • Standard edgefolding slider units for modular configuration
  • Reduction of manual finishing work
  • Edgefolding with or without glue


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