FRIMO has been known for superior quality production systems for over 55 years. With our extensive service portfolio, we reliably help you maintain efficient production long-term.


Your complete service provider

For over 55 years, the FRIMO brand has stood for production equipment of outstanding quality. To ensure the best results with your systems over their entire lifetimes, you should also rely on the official FRIMO service team.

Our experienced and qualified FRIMO service team offers support to ensure the optimum use and maximum availability of your systems worldwide. From training and production assistance, to inspections and maintenance, repairs, modifications, and relocation, we offer you a wide range of services and solutions specific to your needs.

We can offer custom service agreements for preventative maintenance, preserving resources and minimizing production risks. When it comes to spare parts, you will receive a perfected list of official FRIMO spare parts for your equipment, offered with fair terms. To achieve this, we tested our international spare parts management and optimized it for you.

We are also working to improve our future service capabilities. Smart Service is our digital solution for offering live support to your FRIMO system operators.

FRIMO Contact for After-Sales Service

FRIMO Contact for After-Sales Service

North America

Jim Stead - Service Director

+1 (248) 668-3179

Michele Cox - Spare Parts

+1 (248) 361-6839


FRIMO Service Portfolio

  • 24/7 Hotline & FRIMO help desk
  • Remote & Smart Service with direct error transmission and fast support
  • Competent, experienced maintenance
    • Inspection (condition analysis & early problem detection)
    • Preventative maintenance (prevents down times)
    • Emergency service & planned repairs
    • Custom service contracts
  • Refurbishing, retrofitting, and rebuilding
  • Safety inspections to avoid unnecessary accidents


From expert to expert
  • Training on all FRIMO technologies and services
  • Custom seminars and workshops in the FRIMO TechAcademy
  • Best possible operation and use of your tooling & equipment
  • Fewer down times
  • Increased productivity and quality


Maintenance strategies to optimize costs
  • Development of optimal maintenance plan
  • Regular inspection of tools and machines with corresponding documentation
  • Maintenance for non-FRIMO equipment
  • Completion of maintenance on weekends or during shut downs
  • Maintenance plan analysis
  • Maximum operational availability


Original spare parts from FRIMO
  • One-stop shopping for all spare parts
  • Professional technical consultations and sales from a single source
  • Maximum operational availability
  • Individual wear and spare parts
  • Spare parts designed and configured according to the exact quality and size requirements of your FRIMO machine
  • Avoid unplanned down times


Updated technical equipment
  • Evaluation of existing machines and components
  • Updates and modifications
  • Integration/reuse of existing tools, machines, and other equipment into new installations
  • Smaller investment
  • Increased productivity
  • Ensure current technical standards


Production equipment relocation
  • Smooth relocation of existing FRIMO and machines and components
  • Relocation of existing non-FRIMO equipment (after analysis)
  • Complete relocation from disassembly and transportation to re-installation and start-up
  • Integration of existing equipment into new production systems
  • Reduced workforce and logistics resources
  • Optimal use of existing equipment


Customized and smart.


Exactly what you need

Profit from individualized, complete support with FRIMO's custom service contracts. Contract options include:

  • 24/7 hotline
  • Help desk with experienced staff
  • Remote service
  • Smart service
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance


Innovative, virtual, live guidance
  • Onsite video and sound transferred live to FRIMO experts
  • Supplement to Remote Service
  • Platform-independent app
  • Suitable for smart glasses
  • Chat with translation feature
  • View additional information (drawings & electrical diagrams)
  • Whiteboard function

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Service Brochure

Spare Parts Brochure

FRIMO: After-Sales Service

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