Health and safety policy

We take responsibility.

Health and safety policy

of the Integrated Management System.

Healthy employees in a healthy environment are our greatest asset. They are the basic requirement for efficiency and therefore economic success and preserving jobs at FRIMO. Our health and safety policy is based on health protection at the workplace, accident prevention, and plant safety. We promote health awareness and work safety to avoid or minimize work-related health risks for our employees.

We include all employees in the improvement process by expressly requesting suggestions for accident and damage prevention and for improving health care and health protection, and also by implementing these suggestions after being checked by management for appropriateness and feasibility.

We continuously review all activities regarding the effects on occupational safety, as well as health and environmental protection, adapt them to current circumstances, and thus improve the integrated system at FRIMO. An open discussion on this with our employees, the public, and necessary authorities is important to us and is conducted as transparently as possible.

All employees at FRIMO must comply with the statutory regulations and company guidelines on occupational safety at all times.

They should protect their own health and that of other employees. In all operational activities, care must be taken to prevent accidents and workrelated illnesses as much as possible. The FRIMO board of executives and the respective management of individual locations provide the necessary resources.

FRIMO Contact Health and safety policy
FRIMO Contact Health and safety policy

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