Natural fiber (NF) and polypropylene (PP) composites

Natural fibers are so attractive for industrial use because of their good mechanical properties, such as rigidity and stability, and combine good insulation properties with lower densities. If there were a formula for success for sustainable lightweight construction, it would be based on combining natural fibers with polypropylene. The composite material NFPP is popular in the automotive industry, particularly for the production of interior paneling, not only because it is lightweight, but also because it is well-suited for many process combinations.

Through our NFPP Hybrid technology, we combine forming, trimming, and back injection, which allows functional elements to be integrated. With our NFPP OneShot technology, we combine multiple processes, such as forming, laminating, and trimming.


Innovative, proven natural fiber reinforced material

NFPP technology is ideally suited for producing semistructural substrates. This is typically seen in door panels for automotive interiors. To produce these substrates, natural fiber mats with a thermoplastic PP matrix are heated, precompressed, and then formed and trimmed in a compression tool.


Decor and substrate compressed in one step

With the NFPP OneShot process, decor materials, such as carpets or interior surface materials, can be compressed and trimmed with the substrate in one step.


Unique compression combinations increase flexibility

FRIMO NFPP Hybrid technology combines forming, trimming, and back injection of ribs and fasteners. This maximizes the potential to integrate additional functional elements directly into the part, such as reinforcement or weld domes, and eliminate follow-up processes, such as welding. NFPP Hybrid technology can be combined with OneShot technology. If you are using many tools for low-volume production, our single-station machines are a great option. If you want your investment for high-volume production to be as profitable and sustainable as possible, we recommend a double machine with two tools.


An unlimited number of variations

We do everything we can to bring all of your design and functional requirements to life. Our tools embody our extensive experience, gained from countless projects with both low and high production volumes. That's exactly why our work begins well before design. During the conceptual phase, our Pre-Engineering Team determines how to optimize production of your part and uses this information to develop a suitable tool concept. From the very beginning, we start thinking about a number of factors: detailed part examination, clamp frame technology adjusted to the contour and material, possible slider collisions, formability rating, possible degree of automation, and issues such as targeted over-compression and waste removal. The tool layout is optimized with the help of filling simulations generated from your actual process parameters. We also look into possible material process combinations in our FRIMO TechCenter.


  • Reliable process validation beforehand in the FRIMO TechCenter
  • Tooling & equipment from a single source
  • Weight savings of up to 35%
  • Short cycle times (approximately 65 seconds)
  • Highly automated
  • Automatic waste removal
  • Simple integration of functional elements with NFPP Hybrid
  • Decorative surfaces with NFPP OneShot
  • Simple Teflon tape changes
  • Adjustable calibration thickness
  • Start-up completed by experienced application engineers
  • Multitude of reference projects


Pressing / Forming Technology Brochure (EN)

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