Unique design details make surfaces stand out. The designs of our press lamination solutions are just as unique as the materials and requirements in your project, and they provide maximum material savings and efficiency. This is achieved through the FRIMO Accurate Blank Laminating (FABL®) process, by processing optimized contour-cut blanks, including the edge fold, within one machine.


Perfected down to the last detail - for premium surfaces

Unique design and quality combined with material savings and productivity - for superior precision you can see and feel. Today’s requirements for producing decorative surfaces for automotive interiors are challenging, and the development of unique, cost-effective production solutions is one of FRIMO's distinctive capabilities. We are an established, leading specialist on the market for press laminating systems. Our variety of efficient press lamination tooling and equipment helps add the finishing touches to your substrates with premium surfaces such as leather, artificial leather, textiles or foils, combined with either PU foam or spacer fabrics.

Interior components can also be upgraded with unique colors or with decorative and functional stitching. IMG formed skins
with stitching are another premium option. The bond between the substrate and the decor results from a gluing/joining process with specific pressures and temperatures. There are almost no limitations to the design of the parts; all geometries can be processed with our tooling. The result is high-quality parts that can be produced in a repeatable, reliable, and efficient way in series production volumes.

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FRIMO Contact for Press Laminating

FRIMO Contact for Press Laminating

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Technologies and FRIMO press lamination products

Tooling and Equipment
Low to medium production volumes
  • Single-station press laminating machines with electrically-driven upper platen
  • Double press laminating machines with independent operating stations
  • Membrane press laminating machines
Tooling and Equipment
Medium to high production volumes
  • Single-station press laminating machines with turn tables
  • Linear press laminating machines with multiple operating stations
  • Robot cells
  • Groove laminating machines
Tooling Technology
  • Pre-fixing stations
  • Press laminating tools
  • Press laminating/edge folding tools
  • Groove laminating tools
  • Membrane laminating tools
  • FRIMO Accurate Blank Laminating (FABL®) equipment
  • Duotherm tooling
  • Tool change systems
Product-Based Solutions
  • Multipurpose Machines (MPMs)
  • Automated press laminating systems
  • Custom development


Standardized press laminating machines and custom production solutions


Tooling and equipment from the specialist
  • Precise, fast machine technology
  • Short cycle times with high speed opening and closing
  • Compact, modular design saves space
  • Integration of lamination with punching, edge folding, or trimming is possible
  • Unique product designs and 3D geometries are feasible
  • Special solutions for maximum material savings
  • Flexible machine usage through quick tool change systems

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ALL IN ONE – Combine processes efficiently
  • Pre-fixing, hotmelt adhesive application, and the subsequent press laminating/edge folding process in a single production unit
  • Robot supported handling of parts
  • Highly automated production process
  • Lower personnel and space requirements
  • High process reliability
  • Additional features can be integrated

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Maximum material savings
  • One-step process for laminating and edge folding
  • High efficiency and sustainability
  • Processing of exact contour-cut blanks made of TPO/PVC sheets, textiles, or artificial leather
  • Minimized grain stretch and higher remaining wall thickness ensure a high-quality, premium appearance

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Different decors on one substrate
  • Cost-effective product enhancement
  • Fast, material-saving, combined process
  • Joining processes not required
  • High structural stability, yet lightweight
  • Excellent crash behavior

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For individual applications
  • Selective Membrane/Press Laminating for lamination of hard and soft areas at the same time
  • FRIMO MPM (Multipurpose Machine) for flexible combination of four technologies in one production unit
  • Duotherm Technology, heating and cooling in a single tool, an unbeatable duo in processes with hotmelts

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A universal genius for four technologies

With short life cycles and an increasing number of variations, more flexible and economic options are needed. Our Multipurpose
Machine (MPM) is a universal genius for low to medium production volumes that combines four technologies in a single, compact, modular machine:

  • Press laminating (heating and activation through separate heat emitter)
  • Groove laminating
  • Vacuum laminating/IMG laminating
  • Edge folding (hot air and emitter activated)

The installed tools each have their own PLC and therefore the process know-how remains with the tool. By utilizing the central robot, a complete product and process change takes place at the push of a button. Your operators only need to load the machine and unload the finished parts.


Heating and cooling in a single tool

Press laminating leather and artificial leather requires hotmelt adhesives, which need to be heated and then re-cooled in the process. With FRIMO, this is possible in a single tool, instead of requiring the standard additional cooling die. With precise temperature control, both the hotmelt adhesive activation and the re-cooling take place in the closed tool. Both are necessary to prevent the decor from delaminating. The pre-fixed covers and seams are continuously held in place during the entire adhesive activation and re-cooling process. This also makes it possible to process leather coverings with complex geometries directly in a press laminating tool.

  • Secure adhesion to concave substrate areas
  • Decor and seam are held in exact position in the tool
  • Energy-efficient tool design and tempering concept
  • Segmented application possible in press laminating tools


FRIMO Press Laminating Technology

  • Premium surfaces
  • Special surface designs
  • Soft-touch surfaces (leather, artificial leather, textiles, or foils combined with PU or spacer fabrics)
  • Refining substrate parts
  • Automotive interior components
  • Instrument panels
  • Glove box covers
  • Center consoles
  • Pillar trims
  • Door Panels
  • Door uppers
  • Headrests
  • Bolster inserts
  • Amrests
  • Map pockets
  • Center armrests
  • Seat back covers

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