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Quality policy

of the Integrated Management System.

FRIMO has combined the areas of quality, health and safety at work, and environment into an Integrated Management System to ensure that all business processes are carried out in compliance with standards as part of a future-oriented and sustainable corporate policy. We are convinced that the basis for economic success depends more than ever on the responsible use of available resources on an economic, ecological and social level. The company policy is binding for all employees.

The impeccable quality of our FRIMO products and services, based on a zero-defect strategy, is the basic prerequisite for high customer satisfaction and economic growth.

Thus, quality sets the standard for the implementation of our customer requirements in all areas of the company. The quality management system according to ISO 9001 forms the basis for all other integrated management systems at FRIMO.

We focus primarily on the following criteria:

FRIMO Contact Quality Policy
FRIMO Contact Quality Policy


Our customers are the focus of our actions and fulfilling their requirements guides us in developing and manufacturing our products, as well as in providing services.

We view our customers as partners and want to work with them on a level playing field to deliver the best solution. In doing so, we contribute significantly to their competitiveness.



The unique skills of our specialists are very important to us, but they are no longer enough on their own. Interdisciplinary skills are increasingly required in global and digital work environments and are therefore a central topic of our employee development.

Lifelong learning is required for every single one of us, from our trainees and young professionals all the way up to our specialists and executives.

Through numerous practical and specially-developed training courses and e-learning, we strive for continuous improvements, reflected in our products and services and our trusting relationships with our customers.



Our process flow chart includes both the operational and supporting processes required for providing services optimally.

The procedures and processes for all FRIMO locations are defined in our core processes of sales, product development, and service.

These are accompanied by management and support processes to ensure optimal performance. Our processes are subject to continuous adjustment and optimization to meet market requirements.



Reliable, consistent partners and suppliers are required for us to be able to optimally serve our customers. Here, too, we value partnership and therefore maintain an open, fair, and informative style of communication. We set high quality standards for our suppliers and support them in pursuing common quality goals.

To reach the best solution, our goal is to work with our best suppliers on a long-term basis.



To us, innovation means being an innovative development partner for our customers. We do not rest on success, but actively work on the next step of development.

Our research & development is based on three pillars: internally initiated development and research projects, developments with external participation on behalf of customers, and ongoing developments and improvements from day-to-day operations.



At FRIMO, we strive to improve continuously, learn from mistakes, and work through them in a targeted and structured manner (PDCA). We maintain an open, no-blame culture and involve all employees in the improvement process.

We hope to secure the future of our company through permanent improvements and grow sustainably and successfully in our market.


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