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Because we want to be able to continue offering competitive solutions for lightweight construction requirements, we are strongly involved in both private and cooperative research projects. Along with our own internal research and development efforts, we also look for opportunities to collaborate with universities and institutes in relevant research projects. Through these strategic partnerships, we can apply for funding to initiate new developments. The contributors and framework are defined in advance. The success of the project, in terms of the intended technical innovation, can be measured by the resulting sample parts.

Lightweight construction is significantly progressing right now in terms of materials, structures, and processes. These advancements
contribute to identifying more sustainable alternatives to conventional production processes. Our production equipment supports this with process reliability and stability, as well as the ability to plan maintenance and repairs in advance. The latest analysis and evaluation technologies are used to make adjustments directly within the process, in order to obtain optimum-quality finished parts.


System-integrative multi-material lightweight construction for electromobility

The future is in hybrid lightweight construction. Innovative material combinations reveal the next generation of the auto body. This was demonstrated by the SMiLE project participants - including FRIMO - in various production scenarios with thermoplastic and duroplastic composites for a vehicle under-body. The SMiLE project (BMBF 03X3041K) enabled us to develop a two-piece, hybrid sample part with one piece made using the RTM process and the other with a thermoplastic FRP hybrid construction.


Clearing the way to resource efficiency

Efficient series production of large, fiber-reinforced structural components is possible, but not something you see every day. Projects like the iComposite 4.0 (02P14A046), supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), aim to develop sustainable solutions. Those who took part in the project managed to optimize the production process for a large CFRP undercarriage. FRIMO was able to contribute to this project with RTM tooling technology, metering technology for epoxy and PU systems, as well as a wide range of measuring and evaluation technology.

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