High-quality and technologically perfected plastic joining process

During ultrasonic welding of thermoplastics, the two surfaces to be joined together are melted by converting sound energy into heat under pressure. The welding geometry plays a key role in the sound wave conversion. During ultrasonic welding, sound vibration travels through a sonotrode to the joining surface. This sound energy is then transformed into heat in a targeted area to melt the surface. Process and spaceoptimized FRIMO ultrasonic welding units take up minimal floorspace and fit in the tightest, most compact spaces. The cold air supply in the guide rods ensures the outer surfaces of the actuators remain "clean" and that the cold air precisely reaches the sonotrodes. Ultrasonic riveting is used to bond materials using thermoplastic rivet domes (PP, PA 6, ABS, POM, etc.) onto other materials, such as plastics or metals.

This technology allows even the most diverse materials to be joined. Both processes are incredibly productive and energy efficient, and are therefore ideal for high volume production. The dimensions of these usually compact, modular machines depend on the size of the parts being produced. Cassettestyle tools are used, increasing flexibility and making tool changes quick. With ultrasonic technology, you can complete joining requirements for an enormously diverse range of applications. The combination of welding and riveting is efficient and cost-effective, even when used as a supplement or in combination with other joining processes. All systems are outfitted with standard FRIMO parts.


Energy-efficient and fast

Ultrasonic welding/riveting is performed by generating ultrasonic vibrations (20-30-40 kHz) in the joining surfaces of the thermoplastic components. FRIMO's standard ultrasonic parts allow a quick weld (within seconds) and are especially well-suited for surface welding and riveting in cold tools. The processes can be monitored electronically. Hand welding is another simple solution for emergency situations.


For high volumes
  • Large automotive parts, including instrument/door panels, center consoles
  • Parts with complex 3D weld contours
  • Automotive interior coverings
  • Mobile applications with the FRIMO ultrasonic hand welding case


Ultrasonic Welding Machines

FRIMO offers everything from simple equipment to complex robotic welding systems capable of processing different parts in a single system. We would love to help you find the perfect ultrasonic welding solution for your product.

Ultrasonic welding & heat stake riveting tooling & equipment

In ultrasonic riveting, the plastic is plasticized at the contact point with the sonotrode by selectively converting sound energy into heat. The plastic is then formed under pressure and pressed down. It is cooled through both the sonotrode and cooling air.

FRIMO Standard Ultrasonic Parts

FRIMO's standard ultrasonic parts ship quickly and can be used in all common system types or integrated into complex production lines. FRIMO generators, converters, and sonotrodes allow a particularly quick weld (within seconds).

FRIMO Ultrasonic Hand Welding Case

The FRIMO mobile ultrasonic welding kit consists of advanced components optimally coordinated and designed for mobile use.


A complete ultrasonic system from one source

Ultrasonic welding requires a multitude of standard parts, including digital ultrasonic generators, converters, sonotrodes, high-frequency converters, actuators, and position measuring systems. To offer complete systems as a single source, our production systems are outfitted with standard FRIMO parts, designed to pair perfectly together.

Our standard parts are technically sophisticated and are continuously improved to ensure top quality. Our standard parts cover the complete range of ultrasonic applications, and integration into non-FRIMO systems is also possible. All parts are readily available and their high quality construction and optimal product lifetime are sure to impress.

FRIMO sonotrodes

  • Titanium, steel, or aluminum construction
  • Available for all possible frequencies
  • Various shapes of sonotrodes, depending on welding geometry
  • Bar or block sonotrodes for large diameters
  • Simple installation

FRIMO converters

  • 95 % energy efficiency
  • Titanium gauge block
  • Direct power flow from oscillating system into housing
  • Special model with air cooling
  • Low idling capacity
  • Compact design

FRIMO ultrasonic generators

  • Digital ultrasonic generators with outputs of 20-22-30-35-40 kHz and 400-4,000 watts
  • Large range of working frequency
  • Intelligent ventilation circuit to avoid unnecessary pollution
  • Safe idling
  • Soft start circuit for gently vibration buildup
  • Large LCD graphic display
  • Parameter monitoring and storage
  • Remote maintenance through Profinet/Profibus for plug-in devices; connection possible with or without display


Compact for prototypes, repairs, low volumes, and more

Ultrasonic welding has become an established welding process for plastic parts when short cycle times are required and additional weld materials, adhesives, or solvents are not needed. The process makes it possible to achieve strong, high-quality welding joints. In addition to the automotive industry, possible areas of application include many other sectors in which thermoplastics are processed. Our mobile equipment is a great solution or supplement wherever welding processes are necessary for the production of prototypes and small series, or also for re-welding and singlepiece processing. Mobile ultrasonic welding is particularly useful in the agricultural industry, such as for PP straps in animal housing facilities. The mobile ultrasonic hand welding equipment gives you maximum flexibility and is ready for use on the spot at any time. The price-performance ratio is another big bonus.

Your benefits with the mobile ultrasonic hand welding equipment

  • Digital ultrasonic generator – FG 441 B (400W, 40kHz) or FG 841 B (800W, 40kHZ)
  • Parameter tracing on large LCD graphic display
  • Automatic frequency and amplitude control
  • Intelligent ventilation control
  • Idle safety and soft start for gentle vibration buildup
  • Operational safety through safety systems
  • Differently shaped Hand Welding Units FH 413/413i with US-Converter 841/841i
  • Impact resistant case made of PP (54x42x22 cm); total weight approx. 9 kg


FRIMO Ultrasonic Welding

  • Surface welds
  • Melts quickly
  • Cold process
  • Reliable process
  • Part-specific layout and configuration
  • Energy efficient
  • Short cycle times
  • Exact reproducibility

FRIMO Ultrasonic Riveting

  • Readily available standard riveting units
  • Highly-efficient process with very short cycle times
  • Secure, tight, low-stress welds
  • Low energy consumption
  • All weld points can be reached
  • Even the most diverse material combinations are possible

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